donderdag 26 maart 2009

Little leaf elf/Kleine blad elf

Vorige week mijn bestelling van Het Winterkoninkje binnengekregen. En het was nog mooier dan verwacht! Je moet absoluut de website een keer bekijken ( Ze heeft prachtige geschenken (voor jezelf of een ander) zeker wanneer je een prematuur kindje hebt gekregen of een baby’tje hebt verloren. Zelf heb ik een bladelfje besteld. Tussen onze eerste en derde kindje zat nog een prachtig meisje dat na vijf maanden zwangerschap dood is geboren. Nu is het voor een volwassene soms moeilijk om te begrijpen dat zoiets gebeurd, maar voor (kleine) kinderen is het nog veel moeilijker. Het bladelfje maakt alles wat tastbaarder…

Last week I received my order, which I had placed at “Het Winterkoninkje”. You have to check out her website ( She sells the greatest gifts to give (or to buy for yourself) when you’ve had a premature baby or lost a child. I have ordered a leaf elf (can’t find another translation). I was pregnant of a beautiful baby girl, which died after five months of pregnancy. It is very difficult for adults to understand something like that, imagine the impact on a (young) child. The little leaf elf makes it a bit easier…

Maar zelf heb ik ook niet stil gezeten. Zo heb ik deze klantenbestelling afgemaakt. Het is een i-podtasje van vilt. Marjolein, ik hoop dat het naar je wens is.

I 've also been busy last week and finished this customized order. It is an i-pod pouch of felt. Marjolein, I hope you 'll love it!

En deze week ben ik ook druk bezig met wat klantenbestellingen. Ze zijn nog niet helemaal klaar. Foto's volgen...

And this week I am also busy with some customized orders. They are not quiet finished yet. Photo's will follow...

donderdag 19 maart 2009

Little acrobate!!

Look what I found in the tree today!

Oops, lost his balance.

Lets go back!

Little acrobate!!

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Started working again!

Not that being a mum isn’t work, but now I am back at my job. Do I like it? I love to see all those beautiful children’s books (I am working in a children’s bookstore), of course. But I miss my children! And my crafts.
Published by Uitgeverij Lemnicaat
Illustrated: Marije Tolman
Text: Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os
But one look at this adorable little picture book makes me smile. All those little details… I don’t know if it is translated into English, but it means something like “Miss mouse looses weight”. She does a lot of exercise to fit in her dress again. At the end she tries on her dress, and it still doesn’t fit. Her muscles are too big!
And now, it's time to craft!!
Have a nice day.

woensdag 11 maart 2009

I promised you some finished project. Well here they are:

Together with my creative partner Kaat (you have to check out her website we organize our first home-party together this Friday. I am really excited and I am looking forward to it. For 9 years now, I live in Belgium. They are not that active on the internet, although it is ‘growing’. You have to point them on it… So Friday we will point them on it!

Lucky for our little guy, there are no cramps today! He is four months old now, and when he was 6 weeks old we discovered a huge tumor on his stomach. This was on Christmas Eve!! You can imagine that we were panicking!! There was no specialist working on Christmas Eve so we just had to wait in the hospital. Our other two children were send to their grandparents in a rush! We were very relieved when two days later it turns out to be a ‘good’ tumor. He was operated immediately and the doctors took out a tumor of 800 grams. After two weeks we went home and now he is recovering very well. Look at this beautiful little guy now!

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Spring is in the air ... sometimes

After a lot of dark days, with lots of rain, finally a sunny day (although not visible on the photo!). And I just love the first signs of spring. It is giving me new energy. I am very busy with new project, especially for boys. It is easy to find something nice for a girl, but for boys that is a lot more difficult. So soon there will be pictures on my blog!! I will keep you waiting a bit more.
Sunny greetings,