dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Started working again!

Not that being a mum isn’t work, but now I am back at my job. Do I like it? I love to see all those beautiful children’s books (I am working in a children’s bookstore), of course. But I miss my children! And my crafts.
Published by Uitgeverij Lemnicaat
Illustrated: Marije Tolman
Text: Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os
But one look at this adorable little picture book makes me smile. All those little details… I don’t know if it is translated into English, but it means something like “Miss mouse looses weight”. She does a lot of exercise to fit in her dress again. At the end she tries on her dress, and it still doesn’t fit. Her muscles are too big!
And now, it's time to craft!!
Have a nice day.


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