woensdag 11 maart 2009

I promised you some finished project. Well here they are:

Together with my creative partner Kaat (you have to check out her website http://www.kriebelkrabbel.be/) we organize our first home-party together this Friday. I am really excited and I am looking forward to it. For 9 years now, I live in Belgium. They are not that active on the internet, although it is ‘growing’. You have to point them on it… So Friday we will point them on it!

Lucky for our little guy, there are no cramps today! He is four months old now, and when he was 6 weeks old we discovered a huge tumor on his stomach. This was on Christmas Eve!! You can imagine that we were panicking!! There was no specialist working on Christmas Eve so we just had to wait in the hospital. Our other two children were send to their grandparents in a rush! We were very relieved when two days later it turns out to be a ‘good’ tumor. He was operated immediately and the doctors took out a tumor of 800 grams. After two weeks we went home and now he is recovering very well. Look at this beautiful little guy now!

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